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My husband and I made the horrible decision to use DAS Global to ship our car to Hawaii. At first, the people were extremely nice and made a promise that our car would be picked up in 4 to 5 days, but the rep assured us over the phone that it would actually be 3 to 4 days. When the 5th day came, the car still wasn't picked up.

We then placed a phone call back to DAS Global to see what was going on, and they claimed that they had to call dispatch and they will call us right back. They never called back...

A couple of days later we placed another call to DAS Global to see what the problem was because our car STILL wasn't picked up. The customer service rep on that call wasn't exactly the nicest, but still assured us that they will pick up our car sometime throughout that week (already over a week late from their original pick up date.)

The end of that week came, and the car still wasn't picked up. We didn't even get a call from the truck driver to schedule a time to pick up the car (like the customer service rep promised.) We placed another call to the customer service department, and they ONCE again said they was going to call dispatch and call us right back. A couple days later and they still didn't call us back....AGAIN!

We finally called DAS Global back, 2 weeks after our car was supposed to be picked up. The customer service rep attempted to tell us on that call that "they was going to call dispatch and call us right back" and we stopped her in her tracks. We explained that they keep doing this and never call us back, and that we just wanted our money refunded ($2,300.00).

We are now waiting on them to refund our money, but they seem to be screwing that up as well. They was supposed to refund it on the 11th but apparently didn't do so until the 14th. In the mean time, we are now setting in Hawaii with our 4 children, waiting for them to refund our money so we can get a reliable company to ship our car over here. If DAS Global would have shipped our car the way they promised, the car would have been here and we wouldn't paying 60 dollars a day out on a rental vehicle. Take my word, do NOT go with this company!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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